“Hard-working” Not Wanted


At work, is there such a peson who is willing to pour a lot of efforts to stay in the office?

I mean “staying” in the office for a long time or someone who doesn’t’s care having overtime without any payment.

Do you know anyone? Or are you the one who’s like this?
Let me open your mind.

There is something wrong with these “Hard-working, assiduous) People”…
This is the story for them…

Over-time work

A friend of mine complained that there is one staff in his team that is willing to improve and pour his efforts to his work “too much”.

Why did my friend complain?

Though this guy is a hard worker and full of drive in the office.
Though many people have a high opinion of him…

When my friend asked this guy to make a presentation material, he worked very hard and made an uncountable effort until midnight.

However, that material was just lengthy and missed some important contents. Obviously, it looks like a very time consumed material.

As a result, my friend modified everything before the presentation started with overtime work. It is not once or twice but more than that.

Knowing that this is very difficult for my friend to point out since this guy has been doing his best.

What is the problem behind this?

“Making an Effort”cannot be a goal!

Generally speaking, “A Hard Worker” tends to be regarded as an admirable man.Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t deny the greatness of effort.

However, some people misinterpret “Effort” and they somehow set their goal in “Making an Effort” or “Having Over-time work”.

Do you think just spending time brings you good results?

When it comes to work and your improvement, your output is more important than the time you consume at work.
In fact, this guy hasn’t achieved neither good results nor improvements in his work compared with the time which he spent.

Obviously, he spent a lot of time for unimportant parts.

The thing is, this kind of people could have a good reputation and evaluation from their superior. Therefore, it is difficult for us to point out.

The effort is just an effort!

This fundamental problem is “Effort” itself is evaluated. In other words, the time which they consumed in the office (without overtime fee) is evaluated.

Basically, the effort is just one of the methods.
The goal and the result that you want to obtain should be the first. The method finally follows due to your goals.

Supposing that you were not able to achieve the result, your effort would be in vain.

That guy shouldn’t make 25 pages of useless materials but 5 pages of useful materials without overtime.

Evaluation: Impression base or Result base

Since management should evaluate workers basing on the result, the goal itself must be reviewed.

“Improve customer satisfaction” is not an adequate goal.
Achievement rate should be subjective as stating in figures.

“Subscription rate 10% up compared with preceding year” is more obvious.

If the upper management cannot evaluate the result by figures, they have no choice but to evaluate their impression like this guy is always in the office even weekends though efficient workers go back home on time.

If you are like this, I have good news for you! It is never too late to change.

Which do you prefer? Make a choice!


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