Microwave vs Oven: The comparison between men and women!


You must find it incredibly challenging to understand your partner. What you need to understand is that males and females are different creatures.

Let us not give up understanding our uniqueness, let us accept each other!

■Realistic vs Dreamer

Who is more realistic, men or women?

When it comes to love, women are inclined to be more romantic whereas men tend to be more passionate. A lady usually wants to feel valued and courted forever.

Meanwhile, men naturally want to go to bed, after making love, they just sleep…

This is the typical men’s pattern. Naturally, women complain to men.

■Microwave vs Oven

feet-99989_640Men can feel love and lust at the same time. However, women need to develop love first and lust could follow it.
That’s why there must be conflict when it comes to the timing for making love.

■Work vs Love

The priority for men:
1- Work
2- Friends
3- Love (Girl friend)

The priority for women:
1 – Love (Boy friend)
2 – Work
3 – Friends

Surely, the difference among individuals is quite big. If you know this tendency beforehand, you can understand your partner better.

And maybe… work can be replaced with hobby.

■Desire vs Willpower

If you put a man and a woman into a bottle for a long time, the man cannot resist his sexual desire because of his nature.

Only his morality and love for his partner can control this outrage.

However, the woman never takes any action if she has nothing for the man.

Even if they have to warm each other in case of the accident on Snowy Mountain, the woman tries to avoid it as much as she can.

■Sprinter vs Marathon runner

Runner 405773 640Men have a habit of giving up when rejected once.

Since men have too much self-respect, they don’t want to be turned down again.
Therefore, men are like sprinters in most of cases.

On the other hand, women may change their minds after initially rejecting proposals.

Women are like marathon runners; they are apt to take a long view of the relationship.

Needless to say, people have different characteristics but you can take advantage of these and establish a nice relationship with present or future partner!


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