“Pelvis” Is The Key For A Beautiful Life!


In Japan, “Kotsuban Diet” or “Pelvis diet” has been becoming a fad among women.

Moreover, yoga is (also) being viewed in a similar context. Today, I would like to discuss really simple knowledge about the uniqueness of the female pelvis. Obviously, this topic is not much of a concern for men as it is for women.

1 What is the “pelvis”?


Located in the lower torso, the pelvis is a sturdy ring of bones that protects the delicate organs of the abdominopelvic cavity while anchoring the powerful muscles of the hip, thigh, and abdomen. Several bones unite to form the pelvis, including the sacrum, coccyx (tail bone), and the left and right coxal (hip) bones.


2 If your pelvis is too tight, you may often experience:

 ■Disturbed sleep
When your pelvis is too tight, your sacrum and tailbone become a bit sharp on your back. Therefore, your body is tensed even when lying down. You may also not wake up easily.

Without apparent reason, you are always tensed when your pelvis is tight. So, you are naturally peeved at that time.

The reason why some women get annoyed just before having menstruation is because of their pelvis. Before their menstruation, their pelvis becomes too congested. This results to mood swings.

The same is through with menopausal syndrome.

 ■Decreased appetite and dysmenorrhea
If it gets worse, women may suffer from a lack of appetite and menstrual cramps. Their pelvis naturally goes through a cycle of loosening and tightening.

If this sequence is disturbed, it causes health issues such as decreased appetite and dysmenorrhea.

3 Pelvis – Wide or Tight

Your pelvis affects your body as much as your mood.

 ・Tight ⇒ Become active or aggressive.
The sympathetic nervous system is in a predominant state.
(The sympathetic nervous system:When you are energetically at work or feeling tense, it becomes active.)

 ・Wide ⇒Become calm or relaxed
The parasympathetic nervous system is in a predominant state.
(The parasympathetic nervous system: When you are relaxed or sleeping, it becomes active.)

4 The Pelvic Cycle

 ◆Day cycle
 Morning – Tight
 Evening – Wide

 ◆Monthly cycle
A woman’s pelvis repeats the movement according to her monthly cycle.

Beginning of menstruation ⇒ Pelvis opens the widest.
After wastes are excreted from the body, it slowly tightens.

Interestingly, even men go through a slight pelvic cycle though they don’t have menstruation.

5 Tips for you!

◆Tight : Easily lose your weight!
◆Wide : Easily get fat!

If you want to get slim, the best timing is when your pelvis is tight.

When your pelvis is tight: Exercise!
□Morning/ After menstruation to pre-ovulatory phase.
Your body is alert, your skin condition is good, no constipation, you feel good and focus on work well.

When your pelvis is wide: Avoid having stress!
□Evening/ After ovulatory phase to pre-menstruation.
You can easily gain weight, have dry skin, sleepiness, impatience and strong appetite.
Stretching can work to create balance in your body.

The most important thing is that your pelvis should go through its cycle smoothly. I believe some postures of YOGA can help the movement of your pelvis.

Stay healthy!


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