Five Ways to Fit in to a New Office!


Needless to say, you have to learn the ropes first when you are the office rookie.
Aside from that, there are some tips to get used to your new environment in order to avoid miscommunication with your boss and office mate!

■Stay away from the former manner

You never say “We have a different method in my former company” to your new co-workers. Why not keep quiet until everyone admits you as their reliable fellow.

Leave your old custom and adopt new routine. Think of your new environment as a place for growth, to learn new skills.

■Remember names of your co-workers

So as to smooth your communication, it is important to remember names of your work fellows as soon as possible.

Maybe… you can give them catchy nickname behind their back. (Don’t say it to them in person. Haha)

People have good impression if you call their name.

■Don’t be impatient!

Everyone wants to step out of rooky arena instantly and be recognized as a powerful asset in the company. Incomplete sentence

However, your co-workers have been working at least longer than you. It is worth to respect them.

You might feel impatient to your office mate due to not being able to give a challenging new idea or improve the current system.

Let’s just build a good rapport and focus on the assignment. As time goes by, there would be a chance for you to come up with creative ideas.

■Find key person in the office

Every office in this world, there must be a key person. Gather information from this person and make a good relationship.

As long as this relationship doesn’t become complicated, probably you can mingle with other people well.

■Know the unspoken rule

First of all, ask your colleague about rules especially, which are not common such as your outfit, how to leave after your work or to whom you have to carefully greet, etc.

Most likely, “unspoken rule” lies in your office and this is the key factor for you to avoid any troubles.

Though it is not easy to get accustomed to new environment, don’t forget these tips with humility.


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