What’s the best way? How to deal with depressed people!


What can you do if your family, girlfriend or boyfriend is depressed? You might tell them “Cheer up!” “Ganbare(in Japanese)” or something. Or, you are at a loss.

Have you experienced telling them something wrong and hurting them?

Let’s get to know what you should do!

What not to do to depressed people!

Please avoid giving any advice to them. No matter how much you think of them, they might feel that you don’t know about anything. Though you try to encourage them, you might hurt them.

Even if your guidance is rational, please refrain from giving any of it until they are ready to accept.
The most efficient way to comfort them is to sympathize with their feeling.

Sympathize the feelings

If they are crying, try to cry. If they are angry, be angry.

The more upset you are, the more efficient it is to comfort them.

You really don’t have to cry but it is still meaningful if you can share their sadness together.
Not giving them your opinion nor encouraging but just saying “You must be going through a lot.”… It makes them feel more comforted…

When you sympathize with others, they can feel that you are trying to understand.

When you need to advise them…

People with strong responsibility want to give them suggestions. However, as long as depressed guys are emotional, they never accept your opinion. You have to wait until they could be emotional stable.

Don’t be assertive but gently convey your suggestion as your own perspective.

Seemingly, saying right thing to people sounds good. However, it is not a good idea. First of all, your sympathy is important. Show that you are trying to understand them since these people are mentally weak at the time.

Instead of “Cheer up”, “Ganbare”, sharing their emotion is a nice way to deal with them. Don’t speak a lot but listen!


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