Lose some weight through Yoga!


What makes you interested in yoga? Is it to lose weight?

I definitely say that it is true. Look at me! I am 180cm tall but I only weigh 57kg. People say I am too light for my height.

You might think that Yoga is just a simple exercise like stretching. It is not, there are more to it than these two. I would like to let you know about three reasons why Yoga makes you more attractive.

Three reasons why Yoga makes you more attractive!

1. It accelerates metabolism
Through practicing Yoga, your muscle mass is increased. This makes you burn more fat easily.

2. It improves your physical stature
Yoga corrects your posture. To add to that, it helps you have a well-balanced and toned muscle. It also gives flexibility to your muscles thus giving you that firm and sexy body.

3. It controls your appetite
You can avoid excessive eating and drinking due to meditation during yoga.

Having deep breaths during yoga increases oxygen thus activating the cells which produce a smooth lymphatic flow. And what do we get? A healthy body!

-Yoga → Deep breathing → Sufficient Oxygen in your body →Cell activation→Smooth lymphatic flow →Healthy body-

Meditation during yoga makes your mind focus on your inner self. Appetite is an external desire. When you become aware of your mind, you would be able to break free from the temptation.

In simple words, yoga reduces stress. No stress, no excessive food.

Let’s try yoga then!


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