Dots must connect in your future!


Your experience or effort is never wasted!
Today, I would again like to feature Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, Inc.

Have you ever practiced or learned so hard? Like playing a guitar, basketball, art, photography, etc. Whatever you tried, your experience must help you as long as you went through it enthusiastically.

The reason why what you tried before is never wasted!

1:If you master one thing, you could master other things.
People who reached high levels in certain fields can improve other skills faster because of previous experience.

For example, do you play a guitar or other musical instruments? If you can play a guitar very well, you can improve your language skills in a flash.(This is not statistics-based but experience-based regarding my years in an English Academy.)

→Because… you fully understand the importance of a répétitive drill and the amount of training on an empirical basis.

2:Obtain confidence
Even though your previously obtained skill and knowledge are not applicable to the current job, you may still have the confidence that arose from the tremendous effort you have poured on to something. This pillar makes your action different.

3:Verify your standards
You are responsible for what you prefer to achieve. In other words, you know what you like and dislike. When you consider what is to be prioritized, your sense of criteria is quite definite.

4:Enhance your empathy
What kind of field did you pour your time on? You might have had several detours in your life. You have tried something you are interested in. Whether it can be profitable or not; your past and your experience help a lot. You may then better understand the feeling of people who got lost.

Like us, others have dropped by many places. Perhaps, some people gave up their dreams along the way. And as you wander in your life, you can provide a sympathetic ear for others.

When everything connects, you can be only one!

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.
― Steve Jobs

As Steve Jobs said “typography” which he’d learned in college, after 10 years, this dot connected to beautiful font in Mac computer.

Everything might happen inevitably with good reason. Nowadays, I realized that my dots, what I have been interested in connect with each other and have become a drawing.
These dots are contemporary art, photography, graphic design, web marketing, hospitality business, English, yoga, etc.

In my previous job, I had an opportunity to enhance my skills for web design and marketing, graphic design, English, customer service, etc.

And now, though I am working for a hospital in the Philippines to help Japanese patients, I have a chance to deal with the company’s website, flyers and marketing, etc. Though my respective skills are not polished, not many people can share my background.

my goal

Just develop the pillars above. This is my goal in 3 years.
Someday, what you are interested in will make a beautiful picture. Then, you will be a unique and valuable worker.


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