Only one important thing we need!


If you have confidence, without doubt, you look good. Many people trust and come to you. You may be popular. Things must be going well.
People who achieve outcomes have inclusive confidence.

All right! Please tell me how can people obtain their confidence? Through heredity? Because of the academic history? Because of the money?


Let’s look at the French of the word sweet which is “mille-feuille”. Confidence is just like this sweet cake. Your efforts, your success, and your passion are multi-layered confidence. Little by little, experiences and results are piled up.

First, your mille-feuille is too thin to attract people. Nobody wants to pay for poor sweets… As time goes by, this sweet gets thicker and thicker… Compressed and crisped!

How to make “Mille-feuille (confidence)” thicker?

This is the simplest but hardest thing… Just live every day with the utmost energy. These small efforts give a result and lead your confidence.

When I was in an English Academy, I had worked from morning until midnight without day off. However, that experience is surely part of my confidence.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
by Robert Collier

The amount of effort you put in is the amount of results you end up with.
by Catherine Pulsifer

We can rely on our experience, our history, and our effort. Whenever we encounter difficulties, we can compare them with our previous experience. The harder the experience, the easier to handle current hardships.

Moreover, our confidence never makes us lazy. Indeed, we can undertake our work with the utmost energy.

Let’s not want a big result from the beginning but diligently…let us give our best! Regardless of profit or loss, let us do what we have to do. 

This is so far, the best way to reap results!


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