Let’s give up “Expecting the brilliant future”


We must believe that “we will have higher skills”, and “we will be a capable person in the future.” However, the truth is… people cannot grow dramatically.

Let’s look back! When we were students… Mother said, “You should do your homework now!” but you thought “I will do it after this soap opera”

Or the boss asked some tasks and we thought “I will do it later at night because I am a night bird.”

We might think it would be more efficient for us to do our tasks or home works later. Or, we can do the job well if we try it afterward.

After all, we have to do same assignments with same abilities even if we do it later on. Probably, nothing will be changed in our situation. We are just forced to do it because of the deadline or the pressure.

Happiness is in front of us…

Happiness is not here right now. It will be there, in the teeny-weeny bit of our future…
Everyone feels hopeful about the future.

Next year,
“I will be a very capable person”
“I could earn much more than now”
“I can speak English fluently”
“I will have a beautiful girl friend or a handsome boy friend”

That’s the way people are. We usually picture the bright future in our mind. We shouldn’t deny having this optimistic image. However, almost all of them are just illusions.

When “future” becomes “present”, unfortunately, there is still no difference when it comes to our capability or our situation.

On the other hand, we can go through life; we can endure the hardship, the difficult reality because of hope.

Prepare for our future self!

It is natural for us to postpone tasks. However, isn’t it a good idea if we prepare something for our future selves?

①To do list
Needless to write but let’s prepare our task for ourselves. Then, we can start with the work without hesitation.

②Start a task a bit in advance
If we can start a task a bit in advance, even in small amounts, we can resume it smoothly. Usually, it requires a lot of power for us to begin with new task.

③Keep the“desk top”clean (both the desk and the computer)
When it is messy, our brain might also be messy. Make it organized so your brain may also be well organized. Aside from that, the clean desk makes you feel good!

Let’s not expect too much from our future selves. Let us just reduce our future’s burden.

The future depends on what we do in the present.
-Mahatma Gandi


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