Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication!


People ask “Can I lose some weight through yoga”? The answer is “Yes” and “No”…

Probably… “Yes”. Ha-ha

We shouldn’t deny that losing some weight is the key factor to become attractive.

Yoga can lead you to the best shape!

Think about beauty a little bit further. Some women always say “Lose some weight!”, “I’m fat!”, etc… However, just losing some weight is not equal to making you more beautiful or attractive. The most important thing is to know yourself. “Asana”, yoga poses let you know what “excess” is for you.

Excess fat is a hindrance of making poses. It lessens your chances of performing good balance. Your breathing must be shallow and unstable. While you are doing Yoga, it lets you realize your “excess” fat and thoughts.

Accordance to the flow of breathing and poses, your “excess thoughts” go away from your mind as well as “excess fat”. Though body fat cannot go away after an hour’s yoga class. Yoga can let you know what is the most comfortable mind and figure.

When you let go of unneeded energy, you will obtain your optimum weight (and body).

“Excess” also pertains to superfluous possessions. Please look around your room. There may be a lot of clothes, shoes, snacks…

I assume that the most beautiful thing is the simplest thing.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
-Leonardo da Vinci


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