Step out for anxiety! Break out of comfort zone!


When my colleague resign from the company, she memorably left this post on her Facebook;

An insecurity of the day is the confident today!

When she was clearing her desk just before she left, she came across her old notebook. And there was a considerable amount of medical terms in English. (She had worked as a medical interpreter in the company.)

And then… the days when she was nervous, the days when she exerted much effort, came to her mind.

Now, I have been working for hospitals in India with insecurity.
“I want to complain a lot.”
“I want to run away as soon as possible.”

However… I am making a desperate attempt to survive where I am.

So, let’s think about why it is not easy…
In short, we do not want to get “EMBARRASSED” when we miss certain steps.

What if she ignores me when I try to approach?
What if clients feel annoyed when I visit them often?
What if people insult me when I speak at a big meeting?

You want to avoid these experiences? You cannot stay at the same place (comfort zone) forever. The truth is your comfort zone merely confines you.

Therefore, when you have to face something you don’t want to try, it would be a chance. After a few months or a year, you can share “An insecurity of the day is the confident today” in a wholehearted way.


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