Squeeze out the motivation!


Everyone must have their own goal such as simply getting a six-pack, losing weight, speaking fluent English, saving money, obtaining a new skill, etc…

However, only a few can successfully reach goals. In fact, you have to continue strenuous exercises or studies in order to achieve impressionable change. In the beginning, you still have the drive. Everyone can feel the confidence to persist in the first couple of days. Then just like me, you quit after three days.

You set a target, imagine your future, and make up your mind. Then, let’s see after a few days. You quit…

Why is it so hard to follow through? When we get home, we feel so tired and think “That’s enough, I’d better go to bed”

There must be something you can do to help you squeeze out the motivation.

・Organize your desk
What you see is what you think. So, if these are in order, you can focus on the task much more than before. Don’t focus on cleaning your desk too much. 

・Wash your face
Icy cold water may be effective!

・Go to a public space
People are watching, you just have to rise to the occasion! So, you have no choice but do it. Go to a gym, a cafe or a library.

・Make “TO DO LIST”
→Make your tasks clear. So, you can take a step forward without hesitation.

However, the best way is;
Just start it!

Even though you don’t want to study English after coming back home, just start on one word of new vocabulary. Get in position for a few sit-ups or start with stretching. These simple things can trigger your motivation.

They say, just start without thinking. Fake it until you make it!

Start with only 5 mins. Then you can do 30 mins. Think of it as a one-month boot camp to improve your skill.

30 mins X 1year (365days) = 1 month (8hours / day *except weekends)

When you feel like you have zero motivation, step forward with a light heart! Your life may be different in the future!


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